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Dancers of the Light focuses on comfort, community, and purpose in the dance industry. Together, we are a growing circle of dancers and artists. We share the mission to find our purpose(s) in the arts. We love meeting others with like-minded ideas and motives for why we do what we do. I hope to inspire and connect with others as I continue to see this blog grow!

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Jeanne-Marie Branche

Jeanne-Marie is a 22-year-old graduate of the University of Tampa. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance. Aside from Dancers of the Light, she is the Founder/CEO, of Relevé Marketing. Her work motivates her to excel in the digital space & find unique ways to connect it with dancers and artists!

Currently, she offers social media management, content creation, and digital marketing services for businesses and personal brands in the dance industry. You can see her work on DanceEDTips, Encore Costume Exchange, and SPOTlight Dance App, to name a few.

She is excited to pursue both of her passions. Jeanne-Marie is driven to help anyone grow their business and brand in the dance industry!

Dancers of the Light creator

” To me, the dance industry is a big but small world. We continously meet new people, connect, and work together. Dancers of the Light brings this industry even closer, creating a larger community of artists who love what they do, seek inspiration, and want to help others.”

Jeanne-Marie Branche

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