Mother’s Day Gifts for Dance Moms

Mother’s Day is right around the corner!

Dance moms do A LOT for dancers!! From pep talks to costume adjustments, dance recital and competition prep, making sure we eat right and get enough rest… the list is ENDLESS for dance moms.

My Dance Mom

My mom was/is my rock. I was really hard on myself when I first started dancing. There was a lot of negative self-talk and comparison in my life since I started training later than normal. I distinctly remember crying one day on the stairs at my house telling my mother that I was not good enough. Boy, was that a MISTAKE!

In she came to the rescue. Mom gave me the biggest pep talk, encouragement, love, and support that I needed at that moment. I probably would not have been where I am today in dance if it was not for that pep talk and for my mom.

Mom & Dance

My mom has been a constant in my dance life. From driving me to and from dance, helping alter my dance costumes, and buying new clothes at the last minute. Mom has always been there to support me and help me do what I love.

She carried those same characteristics as I left for college to continue dancing. Though she was far away, she was always a text or call away. Mom helped me get through the roller-coaster of college and dancing in college. With that, I am forever grateful.

I am sure a lot of you reading this can relate to this! Dance moms are no joke!

With Mother’s Day coming up, it is important to show your mom how much you truly appreciate her!

Here are 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas for dance moms:

  1. Little Words Project Bracelet (use my code DANCEMOM for 15% off!) Shop their “Mom Life” collection or create a custom bracelet!
  2. A Chosen Candle (use my code JEANNE-MARIE10 for 10% off!)
  3. Essential Oils & Diffuser Set
  4. A planner to stay organized! That busy dance mom life can get ya!
  5. A dance bracelet
  6. Dance-themed t-shirts
  7. A makeup/cosmetic bag
  8. A wine glass
  9. Dance mom coffee mug
  10. Dance mom water bottle to stay HYDRATED!

Click here to get this full list of ideas and more!

Dance moms deserve it all! Happy (early) Mother’s Day!

With love & light,


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