Feedback in Dance

Feedback in Dance


Feedback in dance makes or breaks dancers. (In my opinion) 

Some dance teachers are harsh and some are way too vague. I’ve heard stories of dancers even giving up on their love for dancing because they were not given wholesome, meaningful feedback. 

Feedback was something new to me when I started learning more about it and doing it as I taught or choreographed. 

I think feedback is essential for not only the performance and motivation of dancers but is also important for their mental health and well-being. I’ve been in situations where I’ve literally cried in dance because of a comment made about me… it’s not fun. 

Negative comments about technique or comparison to other dancers can internally destroy dancers and may ultimately ruin the time they spend doing something that they enjoyed. 

Dance should be enjoyable and dancers should want to get better through healthy coaching, feedback, and encouragement. 

Luckily, I have a solution to help with that! 

SPOTlight Dance App is a brand new web app by Dance Ed Tips and Form and Motion Engine (FAME). 

As many of you know, I work for the Dance Ed Tips Team and I helped with the launch of SPOTlight Dance App a little over a month ago! 

SPOTlight is revolutionary when it comes to training at home or in any space, improving on technique, and getting adequate feedback to get better! 

Here’s How it Works:

You record yourself performing a particular dance move within the app. 

The app measures a dancers’ body angles rather than judging from body type (or other bias some teachers may have). 

SPOTlight Dance App then provides a score after you try the dance move.

To get this score, it identifies 33 different points on your body to give you an average score from 0 to 100. This gives you specific and custom corrections, challenging you to beat your best self and get a better score next time! 

SPOTlight Dance App reinvents what it means to give feedback. The app engages, challenges, and motivates dancers in a positive way!

Feedback in dance should be constructive and buildable. Dancers should want to better themselves, not feel bad about themselves. SPOTlight does just that in your own time and in your own space! 

Read more about SPOTlight Dance App here and make sure to TRY it!

Let me know what you think in the comments! I’d love to hear your thought about SPOTlight Dance App and the concept of feedback in the dance studio too!

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