Getting Out of a Dance Slump

Getting Out of a Dance Slump

Getting out of a dance slump can be the hardest thing ever.

You kind of have to motivate yourself in order to get out of it… like anything in life, you have the choice to get yourself out of the slump! And believe me, I know it is all much easier said than done.

What is a Dance Slump?

  • Time away from dance and you are not sure what to do with yourself. 
  • When you are not sure what you are doing next in your dance career/dance in the future 

Dance slumps are inevitable and come and go in waves. 

I recently found myself in a dance slump since graduating college and transitioning my life into a less dance-heavy routine. Though I knew this new life was not permanent, it took me a while to get shift my mindset and gradually come out of my own dance slump.

Here’s my Light & Advice for You if You Know You are in a Dance Slump Right Now:

1. Identify the Slump:

One thing that I have learned so far is that it is such a powerful move to acknowledge just where you are in life. All the highs and all the lows. Be honest about how you are truly feeling & doing. Then, accept that feeling. 

2. Find Out What’s Causing the Slump

Are you comparing yourself to others?

Are you talking to yourself negatively?

Really spend time with yourself to find out what is creating this cycle of the slump in your life.

3. Find Ways to Help Yourself Get Out of the Slump

For me, I knew this meant getting away from my usual work life/computer screen & getting back active! I took a leap of faith, hired an amazing trainer, and started going to the gym!! I’ll write more about my gym anxiety in another post. 

Other things that I did was establishing a morning and evening routine, check-ins with my wellness journal every day, journaling, and reading devotionals & daily affirmations.

I actively did things that helped to put me in a happier and stronger mindset. 

And these can look different for everyone!

Here are some other suggestions:

  1. Find books to read 
  2. Spend more time with family & friends
  3. Go on walks! 
  4. Discover new hobbies (i.e. planting or painting) 
  5. Go to the beach (or somewhere where your mind is at ease) 
  6. Spend time away from your phone & social media 

During this slump, I really found more of what I wanted for myself! I got clarity & comfort on my life’s path right now. I am less stressed, I am less angry, and I am more at peace with going with the flow and seeing how opportunities unfold in my life. 


Eight months later, I can finally say that I am dancing again! Teaching dance, that is. But I will be back in a studio and I will have a space to channel my creativity again. 

During my dance slump, it was easy to get discouraged (& it still is) and it’s easy to feel hopeless after all my years of hard work. 

But, after consistently working on myself and working towards the things that I want, I am happy to say that I am finally out of this slump! 

I believe that dance came back into my life & yours at the right place and at the right time (for now) 🙂 

Being in a much better place mentally to work with others and finally having that space in my mind to be creative in dance again feels so relieving and promising.

I can only have the same hope for you if you are experiencing a dance slump or any kind of slump in life right now! The world is a crazy place at the moment, but I hope that I am able to shed some light and advice for those of you reading this! 

Please reach out to me by leaving a comment, sending an email, or messaging me on Instagram! 

I would love to hear from you!

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