Working On Your Best Self Through Life’s Changes

Working on Your Best Self Through Life's Changes

Working on your best self is much easier said than done! 

Personally, I took a break from writing, dancing, teaching… basically everything. 

However, I didn’t really realize that in the meantime, I’ve been actively working on my best self.

Working On My Best Self Meant Working On…

  • My Mindset 
  • My Work / my job / my business 
  • My Physical Health
  • My Mental Health 

A Little Back Story…

Life post-grad was honestly a hard adjustment. It was something expected but also so unexpected at the same time. 

As usual, I had to think about work… I did the entire job search and ended up with nothing, SO, I went with my dream and officially created my business, Relevé Marketing! This has kept me busy during the past couple of months ( & still does) but it’s literally everything and more that I could ask for! 

It took me some time to truly hone in on what goals I wanted to set for myself and how I was going to reach them.

Here are 10 things I actively did and am still doing to work on my best self through challenges: 

  1. Write it all out. The good, the bad, the worry, the goals, and where you see yourself in the future. The future can mean tomorrow, next week, next month, the next 6 months, or next year! Envision something that is REALISTIC for you. 
  2. Make some actionable & doable steps that will get you there.
    • This worked well for me because I am a BIG TIME PLANNER. I love planning all the details and finding small ways to achieve my set goals. 
  3. Find your community 
    • You are my community! The people I started to interact with and work with became a new, supportive community for me. I have mentors and I have new friends!
  4. Invest in yourself!!!!
    • This one sounds so scary and honestly, it is. But, I do not regret one penny. My first and biggest investment ever was working with The Barbell Ballerina (Lili). She has helped me overcome so much and continues to push me to work on my best physical self. This in turn helps so much with my mental health and well-being as well! Another investment I made was for my business. I made a promise to myself to dedicate a few hours each week JUST to my business because I see its potential and I really want this dream of mine to be fulfilled.
    • Investments are the biggest leaps of faith you can take in life but are usually the most beneficial ones!
  5.  Be gracious to yourself- things come in waves (remember to love your mind & your body)
    • Progress does not happen overnight. One day you feel steps ahead and on others, you feel a few steps back. Accept it, feel it, and know that it’s OK. 
    • It’s human & it’s natural. A little progress is still progress. What’s important is that when you do feel steps that keep you back, identify them and don’t get stuck in them! 
    • Through this- remember to speak kindly OF yourself and TO yourself. You are not a failure and you are not worthless. 
  6. Spend some time in self-care (self-care doesn’t always mean spending money!!) 
    • Self-care is one of my favorite things that I often have to remind myself what I need to do. It’s easy to push it off for another day until you forget it and spiral into self-care abandonment for weeks!! Avoid the spiral. 
    • Find ways and little moments to take care of yourself. Something I learned recently is that self-care does not always mean that you have to splurge & spend money!! Self-care can mean taking a hot shower or getting some cleaning done around your environment. Do things that make you feel like you are actively taking care of yourself. 
  7. Realize who supports you and realize who doesn’t! People come and go.
    • Your support system is so so important. Something that I have realized is that a lot of people really don’t support you when they see you succeeding… crazy right!? And it hurts. But, it’s a harsh reality we have to face as human beings. People come and people go… the right people who support you will come into your life and stay, I promise. 
  8. Read.
    • Reading is a personal habit & goal I wanted for myself this year. Though I still have to make it a consistent habit, reading has helped me to escape my busy screens, relax, and learn new things about others or even about myself! It is such a powerful tool and pastime! 
  9. Journal 
    • I will always stand by this. Journaling, and getting all the thoughts out (and I mean ALL) on paper are the best forms of therapy for me! I realize what makes me upset and what makes me happy in life. I am able to process things in my life and see things from a different perspective. 
    • Here are some great journals to get you started!
  10. Be confident doing things alone
    • I actually choreographed a piece about this– the power of loneliness- and I think that speaks so loudly when you go through challenges in life. Not everyone is going to be physically and emotionally available for you. Find peace & strength by going through these challenges alone. You will always end up stronger in the end!

Changes in life will always happen. What’s important is how you react and adapt to these changes! Consistently working on your best self through these changes is what will make life worth living.

My light for you is to implement a few things mentioned above and put them into your daily habits and practices! 

I’d love for you to share your journey with me so make sure to follow me on Instagram & send me a DM, I would love to hear from you!

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