Dance Mentors: Why They Are Essential for Dancers’ Guidance, Growth, and Success

3 reasons why dancers need a dance mentor

Dance mentors are so important for your growth as an individual and as a dancer. 

My dance mentorship honestly began when I first stepped foot into my dance studio. I was training each day to pursue a dance career. My teachers nurtured me and supported me.

Later in college, I started having more mentors. Most of them were my college professors. I was always around them. Talking, working, and creating. I began seeking advice from them for my career choices, opportunities, and just chatting about my rollercoaster of life. 

As we all know, dance is a challenging yet rewarding art form that requires a lot of dedication & perseverance. It gets difficult to navigate the complexities of a dance career without seeking guidance from a mentor. 

If you’re currently at a pivotal point in your dance career and you’re feeling a bit stuck and unsure about what to do next, keep reading!

Here are my top 3 reasons

you should have a dance mentor: 

1. Motivation and Support:

Dance careers are challenging and it can be easy for dancers to become discouraged or burnt out. Mentors can offer emotional support and encouragement to help dancers stay motivated and focused. They can also provide guidance and new perspectives on your career path. Which in return, can provide some realistic options for you to think about. By having a mentor to turn to for support, dancers stay driven & committed to their career goals.

2. Skill Development:

Dance mentors have years of experience in the dance industry. They can offer valuable feedback to dancers looking to improve their skills. They can help dancers to identify areas that need improvement and provide specific guidance on how to develop those areas. Mentors can also introduce dancers to new techniques and styles that they may not have otherwise encountered. Often, mentors see something in you that you may not see yourself!! Really listen to what they’ve suggested! By working with a mentor, dancers can accelerate their skill development and achieve their goals more quickly.

3. Networking Opportunities:

Dance mentors can also help dancers make connections in the dance community. They often have a wide network of contacts, including choreographers, directors, and other dancers. By introducing their mentees to these contacts, mentors can help dancers to get noticed and advance their careers. Mentors can also provide advice on how to navigate the dance industry. They will advise you on how to make the most of networking opportunities and understand the business side of the dance industry.

Something to note here as well- if you do not ASK they will not always OFFER their best advice, connections, or contacts!

Sometimes all you have to do is ask (plant that seed!) and an entire door of opportunities can open for you! My most memorable networking opportunities were when I had the chance to perform locally for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation Fashion for the Cure event, and when I was working on my senior capstone project.

In times of challenges or uncertainty, it is not always easy to face them yourself. Having a mentor gives you the extra support, clarity, and guidance that you need in various chapters of your life. For me, it was during my college career. I was ultimately deciding what I wanted to do post-graduation.

I’ve truly gained a lot from having a dance mentor in my life. Many times I received clarity, a sense of peace, and reassurance that I am exactly where I need to be right now. Choosing to have a mentor in your life is probably one of the best decisions you can make for yourself as you progress!

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