Dancer | Teacher | Choreographer

Jeanne-Marie Branche

Artist Statement:

Dance & Me

Dance gives me comfort and is my safety, yet it forces me to stretch and work in situations that are beyond my comfort zone. I am constantly put into situations that push me and challenge me. Through these circumstances, I realize my potential as a dancer and as an individual outside of the studio. This industry has provided me with a genuine community of like-minded artists. The relationships I foster motivate me to get better at my craft and discover where I belong in the industry. Dance has given me a purpose. I am able to discover purposes in my choices of movement and an overall purpose of living a life to fulfill God’s plan for me with the talents he has blessed me with. I use these talents and gifts to impact and help others who are on this same journey of life.

My Choreography

The real and raw moments of life are what I like to portray in my choreography. I believe that dancing is a choice to put oneself in a vulnerable position or state of movement; pushing the body’s boundaries, and expressing a particular feeling, a particular story, or a point in one’s life- good or bad. Finding that connection between real life and dancing is where I thrive best in my creative process as a dancer and a choreographer. My goal is to make dancers comfortable with the uncomfortable and encourage them to push through their four-walled boundaries to discover a deeper meaning to find the purpose of why they move.


The Fools Who Dream, 2020
Fall Dance Happening
The University of Tampa, FL

Lacuna, 2021
Spring Dance Happening
The University of Tampa, FL

1 in 1,000, 2021
Fall Dance Happening
The University of Tampa, FL

Papillon, 2021 – The Freedom Dance Project
An Evening of Experimental Dance
The University of Tampa, FL