Some of my Favorite Products I Want to Share With you!

My links provided are part of affiliate or ambassador programs. All funds earned through these links are donated to my non-profit, The Freedom Dance Project.

Dancer 360

My Links, Dancer 360 Gina McFadden

The Competitive Dancer’s Guide to leveling up body, mind, and soul!

Dance Ed Tips

 Dance Ed Tips Dance education resources

10% off Dance Education Resources! Shop with my link below or use code DANCERSOFTHELIGHT

Little Words Project

My links, little words project

Inspiration on your wrists! Perfect for personal motivation, affirmations, or a thoughtful gift for your best friend!

FLO Gummies

My links, FLO Gummy Vitamins
FLO Gummy Vitamins

The BEST supplements for PMS! Be your best you during that time of the month! Shop with my link below or use code JEANNE_10

Apolla Performance Wear

My links for Apolla Performance Wear Compression Socks

Literally the ONLY socks I dance in. They have so many options and provide the best comfort, support, and grip for dancers. Use my link to dance with confidence!

Body Wrappers Dancewear


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Be the LIGHT!

As artists, we are called to be creative to inspire others through our work. To be the light means that you offer encouragement, kindness, and compassion through everything you do. We are able to take circumstances and give them a purpose through what we create. Artists see the beauty in all situations despite how good or bad it may be. That is what being light is… offering ways to help others shine through us!

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